When Disney+ Debuts Ads later this year, they won't be intrusive

Disney plus AM AH 1

Disney+ announced back in March that it was going to debut an ad-supported tier of its service later this year. Now, Disney+ is shedding some more light on this new tier before it launches. Disney+ says that it will not show ads to preschoolers, or content that is made for preschoolers. And the ads won’t be intrusive either.

The company said that it plans to limit the volume of ads to an average of four minutes per hour with this new plan. That’s almost half as much as Hulu now, which is about 7.4 minutes per hour. That’s definitely good news, as ads on Hulu have gotten a bit out of hand.

Disney+ still hasn’t mentioned how much it’ll cost

While Disney+ is mentioning how many ads you’ll see within an hour, and that ads won’t be shown to preschoolers, it has not yet mentioned a price for this new tier yet. Currently, Disney+ is about $8 per month. So we could see an ad-supported tier for around $5. That would be the sweet spot, since there are very few services that are at $5 or less, with and without ads. But there’s talk that it might hike the ad-free version to a higher price point, and keep the ad-supported tier around $8.


Of course, that will all depend on how much money Disney+ thinks or knows it can make from each user with ads.

Disney+ doesn’t want to alienate its customers, and risk losing them, like Netflix is doing. Disney+ had some incredible growth during the pandemic, mostly due to the fact that there were so many people stuck at home, and needed something to watch. And Disney+ has loads of kids content, that parents could turn it on after kids were done with school and keep them entertained. Now we’re starting to see some of those customers leave, or cancel their accounts.