WhatsApp Update To Let Admins Delete Messages For Everyone

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Messaging programs like WhatsApp and Telegram are always adding new features to make the messaging experience better. Now, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will give admins more control over the chat. This is as far as deleted messages are concerned, at least. WhatsApp will let admins delete messages for everyone in the chat.

Right now, members have the ability to delete their own chat messages on WhatsApp for whatever reason. Maybe you say something embarrassing or incorrect. Maybe, just wanted to reword the message altogether. Whatever the case, deleting your comments comes in handy.

Letting admins delete WhatsApp messages for everyone gives them more control

While being able to delete your messages is neat, being able to delete other people’s messages can also come in handy. Most people can be trusted in a tight-knit group of friends, but if you have a large group of people in one chat group, things can actually become chaotic. The group admins have the responsibility of maintaining order in the group, and that involves silencing not-so-great messages.


Thankfully, according to WABInfo, admins will have more control over what people say in group chats. Currently, in the WhatsApp beta version, WhatsApp is testing the ability for the group admin to delete other people’s messages for everyone in the chat. This means that they can delete a message not written by them, and it will disappear from everyone’s view.

This could be useful if someone in the group says something unsavory or hurtful in chat, and you don’t want anyone to see that message. All they will have to do is find that message and get rid of it.

Now, while you’ll be able to delete the message for everyone, other members will still see that the message was deleted. The app will show everyone in the app that a message was deleted and who deleted it. It’s the kind of transparency that Twitter wants to bring with its edited tweets.


How will this look?

There shouldn’t be much of a change in terms of visuals, but there is one notable addition. When you choose to delete a chat for everyone, you’ll get a popup asking you if you’re sure you want to do it. Not only that, but it will explain what you’re doing. Once you confirm it, the chat will go away.

Right now, this is being beta tested, and that means that average users won’t be able to use it just yet. When it arrives, we’re sure that WhatsApp will make some sort of post about it.

Whatsapp delete message for everyone