What To Look For When Choosing A Data Room Provider In Canada?

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A virtual data room is a unique service that allows you to organize cooperative work as effectively as possible. In fact, this is a unique secure environment in which you can store a variety of documents, work with them, communicate with your colleagues, and so on.

This is a great tool that people use in various businesses. A VDR allows you to optimize workflow and easily involve third parties in a project without any risk to data security. One of the main advantages of a VDR is saving on paper, consumables, stationery, and so on. In addition, your company does not need to hire couriers to deliver documents. To get more information on this topic, you can check https://dataroomproviders.ca/firmex/.

Virtual Data Room Features

Currently, you can search for a lot of VDR brands on the market which is not surprising since virtual data rooms have already become a must-have tool in most businesses. All data room providers try to become as competitive as possible and implement a bunch of different features. Some providers focus more on flexibility, while others pay attention to additional features (voting, polling, etc.). However, there is always a list of obligatory features every VDR comes with. Below, you can check them in detail.



It is one of the main characteristics of the data room software. All up-to-date virtual data rooms support advanced encryption using 128-bit or even 256-bit keys and SSL protocols. As a result, you should not worry about leakage of critical financial or other cooperative data from the internal storage. Along with this, VDR admins have the right to decide who can access the specific folder or file, edit it or simply read it. It can happen thanks to the role-based access system, which you can change just in a couple of clicks. Also, top-notch data rooms come with self-destruction options and document watermarks. During the working process (especially with third parties), people may upload defective or malicious files. In this case, the VDR uses a virus scanning feature to protect data.


The up-to-date electronic data room is adapted for use not only on PCs or laptops but also on mobile devices. Often, people should communicate, work, and share files from locations being thousands of miles from each other via smartphones. So modern VDR should be able to support work on the go without delays and lags. In this case, there are also a couple of options: some providers have unique apps for their digital products, while others prefer to adopt the VDR interface for smartphone or tablet display.


In order to maintain business successfully, you need a tool that can monitor every little change during the work process and log it. Further, this data can help you to fix possible mistakes you have made, optimize your business process and protect from potential financial losses. Most VDRs have the functionality to create detailed reports, make logs audit, control document versions, etc.


Document Management

Up-to-date data room services should cope with the large amounts of data you may store. Plus, it should be able to operate with the most available file extensions and upload files quickly. Thank to the drag and drop option and bulk uploader feature, you can operate with a lot of documents at once without the system lagging or freezing.


This feature allows to simplify the working process and make it handier. For example, to boost the interaction with your colleagues, you can create polls, complete Q&A sections, questionnaires, etc. Plus, most VDRs support integration with third-party applications, the ability to add plugins, etc.

Who Uses VDR?

Online data room software is a widespread tool that you can use in various businesses. Below, you can see the list of areas where data rooms directly depend on business productivity and development.

  1. Mergers and acquisitions. Transactions of such scale require the analysis of a large number of documents and files. Partners need a secure environment for communication and document exchange.
  2. Communication with the board of directors. With the help of virtual data rooms, members of the board of directors can securely exchange data and centrally communicate with each other and other members of the team.
  3. Fundraising. To raise funds, people require a secure environment where they can store the corporate data of a large number of stakeholders. If necessary, VDR allows you to get instant access to any data from any device.

How to Choose a VDR Provider in Canada?

To pick the best option among virtual data room providers in Canada, you should stick to the following rules.

  1. Examine reviews on specific providers from independent web resources and test their functionality using customer support service. It can help to avoid, for example, hidden fees in the future.
  2. Pay attention to the software with an easy and intuitive interface.
  3. Do not overpay and select VDR with the minimal required set of features.

Also, do not neglect to try a trial version of several VDRs to make a data room comparison and test their features in practice before buying.