Verizon Bundles Home Internet & Home Security With New Plans

simplisafe verizon

Setting up home security and home internet are usually two separate processes; however, one of the main carriers wants to change that. Verizon just unveiled its new SimpliSafe plans. These plans will provide home internet along with several home security devices.

Mobile carriers add on all sorts of perks to their plans to make them more enticing. We see it with subscription services, devices, discounts, etc. This makes sense, as the main carriers are the ones that charge the most for their services.

Now, these Verizon SimpliSafe plans will protect your home

If you’re planning on getting home internet in the near future, then Verizon might be the company to get. The company is offering its new SimpliSafe plans to customers. With these plans, customers will be able to get a set of home security devices at no extra charge.


The equipment you get will vary depending on which plan you sign up for. If you sign up for the Verizon Fios Gigabit plan, you’ll get the full package. This means that customers will get two HD cameras, two entry sensors, and a keypad with a base station. This all comes with one month of professional monitoring. That’s a $400+ value.

If you opt for a cheaper plan, you’ll still receive some gear, but it won’t be the full five-piece set. If you sign up for the 500/500 MBps plan or a 400/400 MBps plan you’ll receive a four-piece set. Folks who sign up for the 300/300 MBps plan or the 200/200 MBps plan will receive just a security camera.

If you’re interested in getting a Verizon Fios home internet plan, they start at $25/month. Also, the price you pay is guaranteed for two years. Just know that in order to get that price, you’ll need to have autopay enabled. When it comes to getting home internet, you’ll need to check if the service covers your area.