Ubisoft Confirms That Ubisoft+ Is Coming To PlayStation And Xbox


Ubisoft is finally going to be bringing its subscription service to consoles, with the company confirming this morning that Ubisoft+ is making its way to PlayStation in the future. The company also confirms that it will ultimately end up on Xbox too. Though it leaves a lot unclear as to when exactly the service will go live for either one.

In a blog post this morning Ubisoft states that “Ubisoft+ will be coming to PlayStation in the future.” That sounds a whole lot like the arrival of the service isn’t just around the corner. So perhaps Ubisoft still has more work to do before it’s ready. There is some good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers though. As Ubisoft will be launching a new subscription service alongside the new PlayStation Plus plans coming this month and next.

Ubisoft+ Classics arrives for PlayStation Plus subscribers on May 24

Starting on May 24, Ubisoft will launch Ubisoft+ Classics. It will launch first for PlayStation Plus subscribers as bundle with the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers for subscribers in Asia. On June 2, it opens up for subscribers in Japan, and then on June 13 it will launch for subscribers in North America and South America. Finally on June 23 it will make its way to subscribers in Europe. All of these dates coincide with the launch dates of the new PlayStation Plus plans in those regions.


For clarification, Ubisoft+ Classics will be separate from Ubisoft+. Though it works in much the same way. With Ubisoft+ Classics, you get a curated list of “classic” games from Ubisoft’s catalogue. At launch, the service will start with a mix of 27 older and newer titles, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Watchdogs, Child Of Light, For Honor, The Crew 2 and more.

Ubisoft also states that the service will expand with additional titles in the future. Growing to 50 by the end of this year. As for the original Ubisoft+ service, Ubisoft hasn’t stated whether or not it will offer a standalone plan for consoles. Currently the service costs $14.99 on PC or $17.99 if you go with the multi-access plan. Which opens it up to Stadia and Luna as well as PC.