Uber Ramps Up To Compete Again, This Time With Grocery Deliveries

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Uber is adding yet another new pilot service to its repertoire that could help it directly compete with the best delivery companies around in a new category — namely, grocery deliveries. That’s based on recent reports following an announcement of the new service, coming today to Uber and Uber Eats users.

What is this new grocery deliveries service and how does it help Uber compete?

Now, Uber has recently launched a number of new services. Ranging from AI integration for voice-based ordering and in-venue ordering to AI-bot delivery services and travel-related services such as Uber Charter and Uber Travel. The latter two services help users book hotels, flights, bus tickets, party bus services, and restaurant reservations. But the newest addition is something many users will likely use, more broadly speaking.

That’s because the new service compares more similarly to how those from companies such as Instacart work. Users can now buy groceries from more than 70 outlet locations in three states. And Uber’s underlying goal here, as stated by the company, is to ensure that it’s a “reliable and affordable grocery deliver option” for end-users. One that will fit just about anybody regardless of their budget.


Uber is also offering a promotion for first-time grocery orders. Giving users who order more than $30 worth of groceries free delivery through June 19. Specifically, Uber will give users free delivery for their first Grocery Outlet order in the three states where the service is being tested. Uber One members are getting added benefits too. With free delivery on all Grocery Outlet orders over $15. And that’s indefinitely, rather than a one-time perk.

When will this become more widespread?

As noted above, this is still a pilot program meant to test the viability of offering grocery deliveries as part of Uber. For now, the service is only available in Uber’s two apps in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Uber has not provided details regarding if or when more service areas will be opened up.