There Are Now 10,000 Apps Available on Android TV!

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Google announced today that its Android TV platform now has over 10,000 apps that you can choose from to watch content on the big screen. Back in 2020, that number was just 7,000 apps, so there’s quite a few additions over the last two years.

On Android TV, you’ll find all kinds of apps available. Like Pay TV apps including YouTube TV, Sling TV and DIRECTV STREAM. As well as streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+ and others. There’s also a lot of niche apps available, and that’s really where this growth comes from.

Android TV also has over 110 million monthly active users

What is perhaps more impressive is the fact that the platform also has over 110 million monthly active devices. Part of what has driven that kind of adoption is the fact that seven of the top 10 largest smart TV OEMs are all-in with Android TV. That includes TCL, Hisense, Sony among others.


Android TV also now has around 300 million partners worldwide, and that includes 170 Pay TV partners.

Android TV is growing, which is really great. But it’s still kind of unclear whether Android TV or Google TV will be the platform moving forward. Though Google TV is still basically a skin on top of Android TV, kind of similar to One UI on Android. Android TV is the second largest streaming platform right now, behind only Roku. However, Amazon’s Fire TV is starting to catch up. That’s largely thanks to Amazon handing out Fire TV Sticks left and right, and more TV OEMs starting to jump on board.

This news all comes as Google announces Android TV 13 today at Google I/O, which brings on quite a few new features. It’s one of the bigger updates to Android TV in quite some time actually. Which includes better picture-in-picture, and some new accessibility options.


Updated: We’ve updated this article to note that Android TV has 110 million monthly active devices and not users as was originally mentioned.