Take-Two Officially Owns Zynga, And It Only Took $12.7 Billion

Zynga logo building

Back in January this year, Take-Two acquired Zynga for $12.7 billion. Though Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard soon after and overshadowed this transaction, $12.7 billion is nothing to scoff at. Now, about four months later, the transaction is complete and Take-Two officially owns Zynga.

If you need a refresher, Take-Two is the company that owns companies such as Rockstar Games and 2K Games. These companies are responsible for bringing games like the Borderlands, Bioshock, the NBA 2K series, the Red Dead series, and that small startup series Grand Theft Auto.

This gaming industry behemoth just bought the mobile gaming behemoth Zynga Games. This company brought games such as the Farmville series, Merge Dragons, Toon Blast, CSR Racing, and a boatload of other titles.


Now, Take-Two owns Zynga

Big purchases such as these always take a while to complete. So, when the news first broke that TakeTwo was buying Zynga, that was just the beginning of the process. Now, however, the ink is dry on the contracts.

This purchase wasn’t done all in cash. According to Business Wire, Zynga stockholders had gotten $3.50 in cash and 0.0406 shares of Take-Two stock per Zynga stock. Basically, Take-Two didn’t just swipe a really shiny credit card.

We don’t really know if there will be any big changes to the games coming out of Zynga because of the acquisition. Now, Take-Two has some sway over that Zynga produces, so who knows where we’ll see Zynga games end up.


In Other Zynga News: Zynga Is Working On Games For TikTok

Zynga isn’t only the company that makes standalone games for mobile devices. It also makes games for social media platforms. We got word that the company was working on a game for Snapchat last year. Now, we know that the company is also making games for TikTok.

TikTok is making a big push into the gaming industry. Thus, it tapped Zynga to produce a pair of games that people will be able to play on the platform. We don’t know what these games are, but they could be the first of many to come from the company.