T-Mobile Wants To Disrupt Broadband With Its "Internet Freedom"

T Mobile Internet Freedom

After teasing it last month, T-Mobile has announced its latest Un-carrier move: Internet Freedom. It’s a new strategy aimed at drawing more customers to its 5G Home Internet service. The company wants to make it easy for existing broadband customers to switch.

According to T-Mobile, broadband customers have always got terrible service from their internet providers but have had to stick to them because they have no choice. Switching to a new provider is an arduous process. They need to pay an early termination fee to break their existing contract, sign a new contract with a new provider, wait for hours or days for installation, and reset all their devices before they can get started again. Worse yet, it’s still a gamble as you have no idea how the new service will work for you.

T-Mobile says its Internet Freedom strategy will tackle all these “pain points that have plagued the broadband industry for decades”. Firstly, the company will let you try its Home Internet service for 15 days for free. The Un-carrier will provide you with its wireless gateway and you will be up and running within minutes. You can keep your existing broadband connection during the trial period.


If you don’t like T-Mobile’s Home Internet, you can return the gateway after 15 days and the company will not charge you a penny. But if you decide to switch to it, the Un-carrier will help you there as well. It will cover early termination fees up to $500 so you can break your contract worry-free.

T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet has more perks

With Internet Freedom, T-Mobile is making it easy for broadband customers to switch to its 5G Home Internet. But the company knows that isn’t enough to attract more customers. To that end, it is offering tons of other perks too. Most notably, Price Lock.

Unlike most other broadband service providers, T-Mobile doesn’t charge any activation, equipment, or installation fee nor does it increases monthly rent. Its Home Internet is $50 per month and will remain so for as long as you are a customer. No taxes or hidden costs. The price is locked in. Moreover, if you add a new line to your account, it’s only $30 per month and locked in.


On top of all this, T-Mobile will also allow 5G Home Internet customers to participate in its T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways. Earlier, customers with a T-Mobile phone plan were only eligible for the weekly giveaways. Speaking of which, the next Tuesday, i.e. May 10, will mark the beginning of a massive giveaway where you can get $50 off any streaming device as well as 50 percent off YouTube TV for the whole year.

Business customers can avail of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier benefits too

T-Mobile is also offering its 5G home Internet to business customers, with massive benefits. Businesses can opt for either 100GB or 300GB of high-speed data per month for $50 or $70 per month respectively. Additional high-speed data is available at $2 per GB.

The perks that T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service comes with make it quite appealing. No wonder it is the fastest-growing broadband provider in the US and has raked in one million customers within a year.