iFixit Begins Selling Replacement Parts For The Steam Deck

Steam Deck Parts iFixit

Today is the day if you’ve wanted to buy replacement parts for your Steam Deck from iFixit. Earlier this year, Valve and iFixit announced that they would be partnering up to sell replacement parts for the portable gaming PC.

Neither mentioned any specifics when it came to dates. Noting only that parts would go on sale sometime closer to the Summer. This morning iFixit announced in an official press release that all parts are now available for purchase. But not before an entire list of what it was carrying was leaked last week.

In total there are 20 different parts you’ll be able to buy should you need a replacement of something. Including the Steam Deck fans, the left and right thumb sticks, and even the screen for all three models. In addition to the Steam Deck, you can also now buy parts for the Valve Index VR headset.


Steam Deck parts from iFixit range $4.99 to $94.99

Depending on what you need to replace prices on the parts seem for the most part, pretty reasonable. Screens for the 512GB or the 256GB and 128GB are $94.99. Meanwhile the action button rubber membrane is $4.99. Regardless of whether you find the prices reasonable though, you’ll find it hard to part with your money.

Because for the moment it appears that all the parts may already be sold out. Which isn’t too surprising given the popularity of the Steam Deck and people wanting to be prepared in the event of a potentially necessary fix.

In addition to the parts going live, iFixit has also prepared a large collection of repair guides for people replacing parts. Though you won’t be able to buy the parts for every single guide. For example, iFixit has repair guides for the battery, audio board, heatsink, and motherboard. But it’s not actually selling any of those parts. At least not yet.


If you managed to score some replacement parts for your own Steam Deck, make sure to check out the guides iFixit has laid out. As they’re thorough and walk you through every step of the process. They also tell you how difficult the repair is, and how many steps there are in addition to how long the repair should take.