Sony Shared 10 Xperia 1 IV Promo Videos, Check Them All Out Here

Sony Xperia 1 IV image 71

Sony announced its new flagship smartphone a couple of days ago, the Xperia 1 IV. Since then, the company shared a staggering amount of video content for the device. On the company’s Sony Xperia YouTube channel, you can now find 10 Xperia 1 IV promo videos.

We have embedded all those YouTube videos below, for accessibility purposes. You’ll find all sorts of videos here, ranging from general product videos, to music and camera-focused ones.

Sony Xperia 1 IV promo videos mainly focus on display, cameras, sound, and gaming

The first video, embedded below, is called the ‘Xperia 1 IV Official Product Video – Speed is everything’. This video actually has a duration of over 7 minutes, which is quite odd for general product videos.


Sony did this on purpose, as it really wanted you to get a good idea of what the Xperia 1 IV is offering. This video is separated into a number of chapters, which will showcase various different aspects of the phone.

Those chapters include introduction, videography, cinematography, photography, mobile gaming, music, cinephile, and closing. Sony’s focus when it comes to this phone is obviously on the cameras, and the sound department, plus gaming.

Sony’s camera-focus is obvious, even in this content

Below this paragraph, you’ll find two videos. The first is the ‘Xperia 1 IV Official Campaign Video’, while the second is called ‘Xperia 1 IV Product Animation’.


The first video is your general announcement product video. It shows the phone, and highlights its camera features. It also shows some footage captured with the phone.

The second video will show you some camera details, and the phone’s design all around. It also talks about the display, and the phone’s full-stage stereo speakers, and highlights the fact there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack included.

The company even made the announcement press event available

Below this paragraph, you’ll see the remaining seven videos. These are display, camera, and sound-focused. The last one on the list is actually the company’s announcement of the device itself. That video has a duration of almost half an hour, while all the others are shorter than that.