Sony Is Preparing To Kick PS5 Production Into High Gear

Sony PS5 1

PS5 production is finally going to start ramping up, with Sony Interactive Entertainment promising higher levels of available units throughout next year and beyond. In the company’s most recent investor meetings, SIE CEO Jim Ryan showcased a ton of information about the PlayStation brand, from PS5 production and demand to the number of titles launching with its second-generation VR headset.

The PS5 has been, almost hilariously, unavailable throughout its tenure on the market. Since the launch of the console in November of 2020, retailers have continued to sell out immediately. Almost as quickly as stock arrived, it dwindled away. Even now as we approach the second full year of its launch, many people still can’t buy one. Stores like Best Buy and GameStop hold impromptu sales that last minutes. While Sony’s own PlayStation Direct only offers limited quantities through a queue system that you might be lucky to move past.

That should be changing here though as Sony laid out its plans provide more units.


Sony will close the gap on PS5 production this year

According to Ryan, year 3 of the PS5 is expected to “close the gap” on the lack of available units to meet the demand. While in its 4th year and beyond, Ryan expects that the PS5 will overtake the PS4 again in sales.

The console struggled to maintain its momentum over the PS4 beyond its first year due to the pandemic and a still ongoing supply chain shortage. But part of Sony’s plan to mitigate that problem is to source from multiple suppliers. Ryan also says that Sony is in ongoing discussions to maintain optimal delivery routes for the PS5. Which he hopes will offset some of his logistical concerns.

Ryan believes these plans will help Sony reach never before achieved levels of console production. He also acknowledges that PS5 supply issues are a top priority for the company.


Due to those supply issues, Sony hasn’t been able to meet demand for the console. With Ryan stating that it only takes around 82 minutes to sell 80,000 PS5 units. That’s compared to 9 days to sell the same amount of PS4s.