Sony Is Adapting God Of War And Other First-Party IP For TV

God Of War

Sony had a lot of big PlayStation developments to share this week during its most recent investor meeting, one of those being a God Of War TV show. As noted by engadget, Sony is planning to adapt three more of its first-party IP for television with God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo. All are planned to get shows sometime in the future. Sony is also already in production of The Last Of Us. Which is supposed to release on HBO in early 2023.

Additionally, Sony has two other first-party franchises being adapted. Twisted Metal which it confirmed early this year as an original show for Peacock, and a Ghost of Tsushima movie which it confirmed in March of 2021.

The God Of War TV shows is bound for Prime Video

All three recently announced TV game adaptions are still in development. So it’ll be a while before fans can stream them. By the sounds of it Sony is still working on getting a full cast and none of the three shows have started production. But it does appear that at least two of them have a streaming home.


God Of War is rumored to drop on Amazon’s Prime Video service. While Horizon Zero Dawn is slated for Netflix. It’s still unclear where Gran Turismo will end up. But it seems like anything is possible considering Peacock, Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video are all already in the mix.

Outside of its PlayStation Productions projects, Sony has a lot of other stuff in the works for the brand. It plans to ramp up production of the PS5. And expects the console to close the gap on demand by late 2022/early 2023. It plans to bring some of its first-party games to mobile devices as well.