Here's The Design For The Sonos Upcoming Sub Mini

Sonos Logo AM AH 1

Sonos has a reputation for launching pricey products to the market, but it seems that it wants to take pity on our wallets. Shortly after the announcement of the budget-friendly Sonos Ray, we got a leak of a new mid-range product from the company. This is a subwoofer that’s coming soon named the Sonos Sub Mini, we finally have a look at it.

If you’re a Sonos fan, you should know about the upcoming Sonos Ray. This is a smaller and cheaper soundbar that the company is going to launch soon to the market. It costs $279, and it’s about as basic as soundbars can get. It has four drivers and the basic array of connections.

Now, the next budget device from Sonos is the Sub Mini

It looks like Sonos isn’t done giving us affordable goodies. The company is in the process of making an affordable subwoofer to go along with the Sonos Ray. The company accidentally leaked information about this device a while back on the app. Now, The Verge is able to shed some more light on this device before any official information comes out.


The Verge was able to make a 3D render of the device based on the description and give a rough estimate of what it will look like. Since this is a render, you should definitely take it with a grain of salt.

sonos sub mini design

Judging by the name, you can expect this speaker to be small compared to Sonos‘ only other subwoofer. That one costs a whopping $749. When the Sub Mini comes out, we know that it’s going to cost a lot less, but we don’t know how much less. The price is still a mystery, but it hopefully won’t take long before we can find out.


When the Sonos Sub Mini officially launches, we can imagine it being a close counterpart to the Ray. We can see the company selling the two as a bundle down the line, but that’s just speculation. We’ll keep you posted as more information on this device comes to the surface.