Sonos Promo Email Leaks New Color Options Incoming For Roam Speakers

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An email recently sent out and later reportedly shared to Reddit by recipients appears to have unwittingly acted as leaks about new color options coming for Sonos Roam speakers. The email was expressly sent to subscribers to Sonos promotions about upcoming products. And it contained both a countdown timer and a message. The latter of which informed subscribers that “something colorful” is coming.

However, the messages also contained some potentially unintentional details in their URL. After being shared to Reddit by Redditor “u/chopdog01,” other Redditors noticed an interesting detail. The URL address for the email contained the words “roamcolors_teaser_owners.”

What do the leaks mean for Sonos Roam speakers?

The implication of the combined leaks is, of course, that new color options are coming for Sonos Roam speakers. Or that new, more colorful Roam speakers are in the works.


The previous Sonos Roam speaker was unveiled last year in March. So it wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question for Sonos to launch a brand new speaker for this year. And, if that’s the case, the company may finally be preparing to launch a line of speakers that doesn’t come in just black or white colorations.

Conversely, the leaks from Sonos promo emails could ultimately point to a new color for the current Sonos Roam speakers. Effectively acting as a stop-gap to refresh the lineup instead of launching new speakers.

The current run of Sonos Roam is priced at an MSRP of $179, following a ten-dollar increase resulting from supply chain issues. But the device only comes in two colors. Namely, it only comes in black or white. So that could be a direction the company is looking to go in a bid to increase sales.


In terms of what colors could be on offer, that isn’t immediately apparent. Nothing in the email or in the URL, for that matter, gives much away on that front. The timeframe for a launch has been revealed, however.

As of the email being sent out, only just over a couple of days remain before an announcement. So the full details about the technology-forward speakers, hinted in the email, should be made available as early as this week.

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