Shadow Beefs Up Its Cloud Gaming Service With NVIDIA 3070 GPUs

Shadow Power Upgrade

Shadow today has announced the Power Upgrade, a $15 paid add-on that amps up its cloud gaming capabilities with the latest graphics hardware from NVIDIA and AMD.

The company says upgrading to the Power tier gives you access to a machine with an NVIDIA 3070-class GPU or AMD’s latest RDNA 2-based GPU architecture. This includes the AMD Radeon PRO V620 which is built specifically for cloud computing and gaming. It also adds 16GB of RAM.

That’s quite a bump in gaming performance if you can afford and are ok with the higher price tag.


Why the Shadow Power Upgrade costs more than comparable services

Without the Power upgrade Shadow costs $30 for its standard package. Which means if you want a more powerful cloud gaming experience, you’re looking at $45. This is much more expensive than other cloud gaming options. Stadia for example, is just $10. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $15. And NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW is $20 if you go with the RTX 3080-tier (which you should do if this is your service of choice).

The difference is that Shadow isn’t just for cloud gaming. It’s a full-on PC in the cloud which, realistically speaking, is a whole lot more versatile. That means you can use it like any other PC. For browsing the web. For watching movies. Even getting some work done or completing school projects. It also means you can install pretty much anything. Like Battlenet, the EA app, or other PC gaming clients.

Alongside the launch of this new plan add-on, Shadow is also launching in two new regions. While it’s already available in the US, UK, France, and Germany, this Fall it’s opening up access to users in Austria and Canada.


The Fall is also the same time frame for the global launch of the Power Upgrade, while pre-order access begins this Summer. Shadow also says that early access will be available for select users prior to the official launch. So now might be the time to sign up for Shadow if you’re interested in testing out the new upgrades they’re available later this year.