SEGA To Reveal New Project Via Upcoming Live stream

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2022 is a big year for SEGA (let’s face it, it’s a big year for Sonic). We have somewhat of an idea of what the company is going to release throughout the year, but it seems that SEGA wants to keep us on our toes. SEGA announced a new project, and it’s going to reveal it during an upcoming YouTube live stream.

This is really intriguing, as it’s completely out of nowhere. On June 3rd, official SEGA executives will hold a live stream on YouTube to announce this new project that the company is working on. The stream will be hosted by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, (SEGA producer), Yosuke Okunari (SEGA producer), and Misuzu Araki (regular SEGA MC).

The live stream will take place on Friday, June 3rd at 7am EST/4am PST for those in America. That’s 8pm in Japan. Be sure to mark your calendars if you want to catch it. Here is the link to the Youtube channel.


We don’t know what new project SEGA will reveal during the live stream

Right now, there’s no official word on what we should expect. Honestly, the mystery behind this project makes it more exciting. A sudden live stream out of nowhere means that SEGA really plans on this being noteworthy. It’s big enough that executives will be appearing on a live stream to announce it.

The keyword here is ‘Project’

It’s easy to assume that SEGA will unveil a game during the live stream. That’s a more than fair assumption, as SEGA is a gaming company. However, the wording here leaves this open for interpretation. The company didn’t, specifically, refer to a game. It merely said that it’s working on a project.

Even though 95% of SEGA’s identity is as a game company, we can’t rule out the company venturing outside of that market onto something else. Since the company has been keeping it well under wraps, it could really be anything. Who knows if the company will unveil some sort of hardware?


The sky is the limit at this point. If you’re excited to see what the company is going to unveil, it’s only a week away. If you go to the video, you can set a reminder to be notified when it’s about to start.