SCUF's Reflex Controller For PS5 Gets A Customization Builder

SCUF Reflex for PS5 Customization Builder 2

Last year SCUF officially launched the Reflex controller for PS5, and today it’s finally getting a customization builder that lets you give it a personal touch. When the controller launched last December, the only customization option you had was a short list of colors for the faceplate. On top of that, you only had 2 options on the Reflex. While the Reflex Pro had 6 and the Reflex FPS had 4.

Starting today with the new customization builder, you can personalize virtually everything about the Reflex controller for PS5. The buttons, the touch pad, and even the triggers will all have customizable colors you can choose from. Although, you’ll have the widest selection when it comes to the faceplate.

The Reflex for PS5 gets 32 faceplate colors with the customization builder

With the new builder tool, you can select from a wide range of different customization options for the Reflex. Including 32 faceplate colors. SCUF says this includes classics like Black, Blue, Red and White. Additionally, you can now select from designs found on other SCUF controllers. Such as Cherry Blossom, Nebula, and Carnage. SCUF is even adding a few new designs called Elevation, Genesis, and Prosperity.


Beyond the faceplates, you can also customize the colors of just about everything else. The faceplate trim, d-pad, action buttons, create and options buttons, home button, triggers, touchpad, and thumb sticks are customizable. And of course, you can still select from 2 different trigger styles. You also get to choose from 2 different thumb stick heights and 2 different thumb stick shapes.

Basically, if you’re still waiting to purchase a Reflex controller you can make it look a lot more exciting. All told there are 32 faceplate colors, 9 touchpad colors, 9 faceplate trim colors, 6 action button colors, 4 thumb stick colors, 7 trigger and bumper colors, 7 d-pad colors, 5 create/options colors, and 2 home button colors.

Which adds up to a whole lot of possible combinations. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to be able to buy one of these to benefit from the new customization builder. And since launch it’s been next to impossible for SCUF to keep the Reflex in stock. The good news is SCUF has more stock of the Reflex today now that the builder is up. There’s also now a queue to purchase the controller and customers are limited to 2 each.


The Reflex controller for PS5 starts at $199 and goes up from there depending on the model and customization options you choose. For the chance to pick up your own Reflex, you can join the queue from the button below.

SCUF Reflex Controller For PS5