Samsung Has A Shiny New Gaming Monitor For $1,500

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

Samsung has just launched the Odyssey Neo G8, a $1,500 gaming monitor that uses Mini LED tech. For gamers, that means mor vivid colors and deeper blacks for games. As well as more pronounced HDR. Mini LED also allows the user to choose which LEDs to disable and which to keep active. Which helps with contrast.

The new monitor is also a 4K curved panel and it comes with a 240Hz refresh rate. Throw all of that together and you can begin to see why this is a pricey piece of tech. At 32-inches, the monitor is easier to fit on smaller desks. Or provide more space on larger desks if you simply wanted more room, than Samsung’s monster Odyssey Neo G9. Seeing as that comes in at a whopping 49-inches and it’s ultrawide.

You can pre-order the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 starting today

Got an extra $1,500 to spare? If you answered yes to that question then you can pre-order the new monitor starting today. You’ll need to reserve the monitor through Samsung directly and it officially launches on June 6. But if you reserve early enough Samsung is taking $50 off the total price. Meaning you only end up paying $1,450.


It’s not a huge price cut, but when you’re paying this much for a gaming monitor any savings is probably worth it. Samsung officially announced the Odyssey Neo G8 back during CES 2022. Featuring 1ms response times, its signature 100oR curvature, and as Samsung claims, a peak brightness of 2,000 nits.

The monitor also supports Quantum HDR2000 and FreeSync Premium Pro. It even has the same overall design as the G9 series. With the bright RGB ring that sits around the part of the base that connects to the back of the monitor.

What it doesn’t appear to have is the flip down headphone stand that you can find on the Odyssey Neo G9. So you’ll have to find another place to rest your headphones if you use any.


Once the monitor officially launches on June 6, you should be able to find it at other retailers, such as Best Buy and Amazon.