Health Connect Is Samsung's More Holistic Approach To User Health

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Today Samsung has announced its new approach to user health solutions with Health Connect. A platform that aims to deliver a more holistic approach to the way users view and interact with their health data. Samsung announced the details of this new platform alongside its partner Google today at Google I/O 2022.

Health Connect will offer a single set of APIs that developers will have access to. Which can help them create new and imaginative, yet also useful health experiences. On the user side of things, Samsung says that users will have access to a comprehensive set of controls to manage their health and fitness data across apps.

With over 50 data types, users will be able to keep tabs on a wide range of different health metrics. Including sleep tracking, exercise, and heart rate. And it’s privacy-minded. “Health Connect provides centralized privacy controls making it easy to give permission to the apps users want to share their on-device data with,” says TaeJong Jay Yang, the EVP and Head of Health R& D team at Mobile eXperience Business for Samsung Electronics.


Health Connect is coming to Samsung Health later this year

Users excited about the idea of more holistic health solutions won’t have to wait long before having access to them. According to Samsung, Health Connect will be coming to Samsung Health later this year. Which means users of Samsung Galaxy phones and Galaxy smartwatches will be able to benefit from its features sometime in the near future.

This will also enable developers to utilize data measured with the Galaxy Watch for their own apps. Allowing for more interconnected sets of information for users who use multiple health apps.

Samsung is working alongside Google and other partners to bring Health Connect to the forefront. Since this is opt-in though, users will need to give Health Connect permission to access that data. And that means users who don’t want all that connectivity will be able to simply keep the features turned off.