Galaxy Z Flip 4 Will Include A Larger Secondary Display

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G AM AH 10

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will include a slightly larger secondary display. That display is also referred to as ‘cover display’, and this information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is set to include a larger secondary display than its predecessor

Mr. Young is rarely wrong with his display-related information, so we have no reason to doubt the accuracy here. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 includes a 1.9-inch display, while the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s display will be at least 2 inches large.

Ross Young said that the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s display size “begins with a 2, rather than 1.9”. So, we don’t know what will its exact size be, but do expect it to be close to 2 inches, slightly larger than the one on its predecessor.


The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will become official later this year. If Samsung aims to stick to its release cycle, the phone will launch in August. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 launched in August last year. So, that timeline would fit. Samsung still didn’t confirm anything, though, as it’s still too early for something like that. We’ll see plenty of information leak out moving forward.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 likely won’t bring major design changes

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will most likely resemble its predecessor quite a bit. It will have a larger cover display, but the general design language will probably be quite similar. Samsung doesn’t have a reason to make any drastic changes. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was well-received.


You can expect some improvements under the hood, though. It will include newer, more powerful specifications, while we’re also expecting some improvements in the hinge department. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a rather noticeable crease, so we’re hoping Samsung will deal with that somehow, as some other OEMs did.