Samsung Beats Apple In Tablet Sales In One, Huge Market

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We know that Samsung dominates the Android market when it comes to both phones and tablets. While it typically trails behind Apple by a large margin, the Korean company was able to snag a victory in the Indian market. Samsung was able to beat Apple in tablet sales in the Indian market.

While companies like Samsung, Google, and Motorola have been seeing some sales gains recently, Apple still remains the king of mobile devices. Apple typically owns more than half of the market when it comes to iPhone and iPad sales.

However, Samsung beat Apple in the Indian market in tablet sales

The Indian market is a really important one to conquer. It’s typically dominated by Apple, but Samsung was able to grab a victory from the company. According to the Deccan Herald, (via. SamMobile) in Q1 of 2022, Samsung led in tablet sales. It was able to grab 40% of the market, which is a stunning 10% growth from Q4 of 2021.


People in India usually tend to pick up the budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A8 series of tablets. However, in a surprising twist, those weren’t the only tablets fueling the growth. Folks in India were actually attracted to the newly released Galaxy Tab S8 series of tablets. These are the more premium tablets released in March this year.

The Galaxy Tab S8 tablets are definitely much more expensive than the Galaxy Tab A series. The most expensive tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, starts at $1,099 USD. We’re sure that the majority of the people who picked up the Galaxy Tab S8 series, however, opted for the base variant.

It should get even better

It’s good news for Samsung and Android fans that the Galaxy Tab series reigned supreme in India. The news should only get better as we inch closer to Android 13. Both Android 12L and Android 13 are formatted to be much more friendly to the tablet form factor.


Samsung’s tablets will eventually get the update that will make Android even better on tablets. This means that the folks in India will be getting a much better experience in the coming months.