Samsung Announces One UI Watch Beta For The Galaxy Watch 4

AH Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 2 1

Samsung will release a One UI Watch beta for the Galaxy Watch 4, the company said through its forum. While the manufacturer generally rolls out One UI betas for its phones and tablets, this is the first time it would be available for Samsung’s flagship smartwatch.

The One UI Watch beta will begin rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 in South Korea next month

The company said (via TizenHelp) that it would commence the One UI Watch beta rollout for the Galaxy Watch 4 starting June 2. However, the update will be restricted to South Korea, at least initially. But it could expand to regions like the U.S., China, Europe, and other regions, as Android Police points out.

Moreover, the update will only be available for the standard models of the vanilla Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It’s currently unclear as to what features the new beta release will bring to Samsung’s premier smartwatches. But we expect to learn more about it when the beta becomes officially available next week.


Galaxy Watch 4 One UI Watch Beta

Eligible customers can apply for the One UI Watch beta through the Samsung Members app. If the beta program is available in your region, you should find a banner on the app notifying you of its availability. Clicking the banner will let you sign up for the beta, thus making you eligible to download the One UI Watch beta on your Galaxy Watch 4 when it’s available.

The Galaxy Watch 4 recently received Google Assistant support

There are some limitations to consider, however. Users can’t revert to the stable version of One UI Watch if they leave the beta program before its conclusion. Instead, they will have to wait until the manufacturer rolls out the stable version of the software. Users can’t leave and rejoin the beta either.


Samsung has introduced a bunch of new features for the Galaxy Watch 4 since its launch last August. The smartwatch has seen the inclusion of new watch faces and even gained Google Assistant support as of this week. Although we don’t know what the upcoming One UI Watch beta brings to the table, we wouldn’t be shocked to find some surprises.