Samsung Unveils Advanced Dual-Foldable And Slidable OLED Panels

Samsung Flex S dual foldable OLED display

Samsung has unveiled its latest advancements in mobile OLED display technology. At the ongoing Display Week 2022 event in California, the company showcased a dual-foldable, a multi-folding, and a couple of slidable OLED panels.

The first foldable prototype that the Korean behemoth showcased at the event is the Flex G OLED. It is a multi-folding display that can fold inwards at two different positions (via). This will allow for a more compact and portable mobile device. Samsung Display, the Korean conglomerate’s display manufacturing arm, also demoed what it calls the Flex S OLED. It is a dual-foldable panel that can fold inward as well as outward.

Additionally, the company brought a mobile-sized slidable OLED display panel to Display Week 2022. Unlike most of the current solutions, which extend horizontally, Samsung’s iteration stretches upwards. The 6.7-inch panel will roll out from the top to reveal additional display real estate. The elongated screen can be useful while browsing the internet, scrolling through social media apps, or reading lengthy documents.


Last but not least, Samsung has also demoed a horizontally expanding rollable OLED display panel. In its normal form, the panel measures 8.1-inch diagonally. But users can pull out added screen space either from the left or right as per their need. When fully pulled out, the display can go all the way up to a 12.4-inch diagonal.

Samsung Flex G multi folding OLED display

Samsung unveils new advancements in mobile OLED display technology

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the display industry. The Korean company has been setting new standards for smartphone OLED displays in recent years. At the same time, it is actively working on futuristic foldable and slidable displays as well, as we have just seen at the ongoing Display Week 2022 event. Perhaps it is answering the industry’s demand for new advancements in mobile display technology.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe regarding the commercial availability of the new foldable and slidable OLED displays that Samsung just demoed. While foldable smartphones are much more prevalent now, the tech industry is likely not yet ready for dual-foldable or multi-folding mobile products. Even slidable or rollable smartphones could be a few years away.

Nonetheless, this is an indication of what the future holds for mobile displays. We expect to see more of these display advancements at Display Week 2022, which is currently underway in San Jose, California, and will run through Friday, May 13th. We will keep you updated with the best of the event.

Samsung Slidable OLED display