Roku Ultra & Voice Remote Pro Now Available In A $100 Bundle

Roku Ultra Voice Remote Pro bundle

Roku has announced a new discounted bundle containing its flagship streaming device Roku Ultra and the Roku Voice Remote Pro. The bundle is now available to purchase from the company’s website for $99.99. It will also hit the shelves in other major retailers across the US beginning this Sunday, May 15th.

The Roku Ultra is the company’s fastest and most powerful streaming player to date. It supports 4K streaming and comes with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Apple AirPlay support. The device debuted with a price tag of $99.99 (selling for $89.99 most recently), which also includes the Roku Enhanced Remote.

However, the bundled remote controller doesn’t offer hands-free voice control, thus limiting your streaming experience. The top-of-the-line Roku Voice Remote Pro, which is a separate $29.99 purchase, has that ability. It also comes with a rechargeable battery as well as features like a lost remote finder, personal shortcuts, private listening, and push-to-talk.


Long story short, the Roku Ultra and the Roku Voice Remote Pro make an excellent combo and let you enjoy the best the company has to offer. But earlier, you needed to shell out $120 for the two products. The company is now offering them in a bundle with a $20 discount. Of course, if you already have the Roku Ultra, you can still purchase the Roku Voice Remote Pro separately.

“At Roku, we are committed to providing our users with the best possible streaming experience with a focus on choice, value, and ease of use,” said Chris Larson, vice president of Retail Strategy, Roku. “With the release of the Roku Ultra and Roku Voice Remote Pro bundle, we’re adding even more features to our most powerful player while keeping the price under $100, ensuring that high performance is readily accessible.”

This bundle follows the launch of the Roku OS 11

It’s not just better hardware that Roku is focused on. The company is improving its software game too. Earlier this year, it rolled out a new update to the Roku OS. The new Roku OS 11 enhances your streaming experience in numerous ways. It introduced features like Roku Photo Streams that lets you share your favorite photos with other Roku users. You can also customize your Roku experience with a personalized screensaver.


Roku OS 11 also added new content discovery menu options, automated speech clarity, additional sound modes for Roku Streambars and speakers, a voice-enabled keyboard, and an Audio/Video sync feature. The Roku mobile app picked up some new abilities and improvements too.