Roblox Unveils Music-Centric Spotify Island Game

Spotify Island Poster

Spotify is a pretty big company and so is Roblox; so, what should happen if they were to work together? Spotify just announced that it created a world on Roblox called Spotify Island. It’s an “audio oasis” where people can come together and create sounds.

How will Spotify Island look on Roblox?

Spotify included a short and sweet trailer along with its announcement, and it shows us a little bit of what to expect from the island. It was only 15 seconds long, but we got a panning view of the island, and it looks pretty bare-bones. Not only that, but we saw a character with a music note on her back. We’re not sure if that’s what every character has or if it’s a perk.

When it comes to activities, we saw the character in the trailer grinding on a rail collecting hearts (these are the “like” hearts on the Spotify app). Another clip shows the character jumping on different platforms with music notes on them. Other than that, there’s not much more information from the trailer.


As for the main activities you’ll be doing on the island, they seem like a fun grind. You’ll play minigames so that you can earn hearts. You’ll use these hearts to buy items on the island. Along with minigames, there will be quests to complete which will result in earning more hearts.

There will be more content released throughout the year

If you think that’s it, then you’d be wrong. While there are activities you can participate in now, more content will come later in the form of themed islands. These islands will have a unique look, feel, and music genre associated with them. They’re not out yet, but the first one is planned to launch sometime this Spring. This island will be called K-Park, and it will be K-pop-themed.

On this island, people will be able to listen to K-Pop music and, most interestingly, interact with notable K-Pop artists. We’re not sure how just yet, but users will be able to “mingle” with members of Stray Kids and SUNMI. There will be more themed islands to come later on in the year, but Spotify hasn’t said what they will be. You can hop right onto Spotify Island now right here.