Razer is Bringing Gaming To Fashion With Its New Apparel Collection

Razer Genesis Unleashed Apparel

Razer is launching a series of new apparel collections this year called Genesis and Unleashed, with a host of new pieces under its own brand. Both collections are available starting today and have pieces ranging in price from $39.99 to $99.99.

The collections include items like bucket hats (Razer admittedly loves bucket hats), a hooded bomber jacket, and more. All with one central message – Razer is bringing gaming to fashion. While fans of the Razer brand will no doubt be happy about new apparel items, there’s one key detail that will probably excite them more than any other.

They’ll have more chances to acquire all of these new pieces. For a very good reason.


Razer Genesis and Unleashed apparel will not be limited edition

Razer Genesis Apparel

One of the banes of online shopping these days is the unfortunate rise in scalpers and bots scooping up all stock of everything that’s popular. Then proceeding to re-sell those purchases at exorbitant prices to people who actually wanted them.

Many or all of Razer’s past apparel collections have been limited edition. Which has made those items hard to come by. Razer says a lot of the collections sold out within hours. That’s not too hard to believe considering items like the Razer Zephyr mask were gone within mere minutes of each drop going live.


Razer’s plan to combat that problem is to simply stop making items limited edition. At least for these two collections. The company says that it has listened to feedback from fans with previous releases. Fans wanted more, and Razer is giving them more. As both new collections will be widely available.

Items like the Genesis bomber jacket include a hood that can be tucked away when not needed. It also features a waterproof zipper for rainy days. This jacket is seemingly lightweight yet more than capable of handling a sudden downpour. It retails for $99.99.

All of the items in the Genesis collection are meant to be minimalist, Razer says. While the Unleashed collection is all about oversized baggy looks. The hood on the zip-up hoodie for example is big enough to wear over gaming headsets.


You can find the full set of apparel from each collection from the buttons below.

Razer Genesis

Razer Unleashed