Miss Every Shot With This Storm Trooper Xbox Controller From Razer

Razer Xbox Controller Storm Trooper Edition

Today Razer is celebrating May The 4th with a new Storm Trooper Xbox controller. Just like storm troopers, this new controller features a black and white design theme. The best part though is that the Razer designed the controller’s paint job to look like a storm trooper helmet.

This makes for the perfect Xbox controller to add to your collection if you simply like collecting them. But it’s definitely going to be more eye catching to fans of Star Wars. Just make sure to practice all your shots while you’re using this thing. Lest you anger the emperor for your incompetence and inability to hit anything no matter how hard you try.

The Razer Storm Trooper Xbox controller launches today

Razer launched this new controller today. Buuuuut, the controller is already out of stock. Not a big surprise given the legions of Star Wars fans out there probably looking to score any new franchise merch on today of all days. Still, you can set yourself up to be notified when it comes back in stock if you want to snag yourself one of these. It’ll set you back $199.99 though. A slightly higher price than most of the other themed controllers Razer offers. Save for the Sonic-themed model.


That being said, we can’t imagine this will stay out of stock for too long. After all, some of the other models have been out of stock before and they’re currently available at the moment. This also does seem to be available from Razer only right now.

Just like all of those other controllers, this has the impulse analog triggers. So you get better sensitivity on the trigger pull and some slight vibration as you’re gaming. Naturally this controller is also wireless and universal. So it works for mobile devices, PC, and Xbox.

The controller comes with a matching quick charging stand that’s also magnetic. If you’re worried about the controller disconnecting and stopping the charge, this should address that concern.


The storm trooper controller is part of an ongoing partnership between Razer and Marvel. Which at this point contains a handful of different gear that spans multiple IP.

Razer Xbox Wireless Controller Storm Trooper Edition