Q1 2022 Foldable Display Shipments Show A Market Dominated By Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G AM AH 07

Samsung appears to be absolutely dominating the foldable smartphones market in Q1 of 2022, based on a recent report from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) CEO Ross Young via Twitter. Or, at the very least, the company has the strongest footing on display shipments.

The margins here aren’t even close, in fact. Samsung smartphones accounted for no fewer than 63-percent of foldable screen shipments in the quarter.

The bulk of those, 53-percent, were accounted for by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G accounted for 5-percent of the remaining share. While the Galaxy Z Fold 2 outpaced the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on display shipments by 2-percent. With the latter gadget and the China-specific Galaxy W22 accounting for just 2-percent.


Where did other companies land on display shipments for foldable smartphones in Q1?

The closest rival to Samsung in Q1 2022 shipments of foldable display panels for smartphones is Huawei. The company’s Huawei P50 Pocket and Mate Xs 2 accounted for 23-percent and 2-percent of the overall shipments. Its now-split-off brand Honor accounted for 3-percent with its Magic V.

The only remaining rivals in the market for foldable smartphones in Q1 of 2022 were Vivo and Oppo. The latter company’s Oppo Find N fared better with 5-percent of the overall share of shipments. While displays for the Vivo X Fold only made up 3-percent of the total.

What does this say about the overall market?

Now, Samsung is not only the most prolific manufacturer of smartphones with a foldable display, as of this writing. It also makes the displays themselves, via its Samsung Display sister company. The figures shared by Mr. Young don’t account for total smartphone sales. They only factor in display shipments.


Given that Samsung makes the bulk of displays for other companies as well, the company likely has an even firmer grip on the market than these figures would suggest. And that’s unlikely to change in the near future as it ramps up production for its upcoming next-gen devices. Although its stranglehold does seem to be loosening compared to previous years.

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