The Pixel Watch May Use A Co-Processor For Better Efficiency

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A new report suggests that the Pixel Watch may actually come with a co-processor to help with low-power functions. Earlier this month, it was reported that the Pixel Watch is likely to come with the Samsung Exynos 9110 chip. A four-year old chip that was first introduced in 2018 with the original Galaxy Watch.

Google’s prized in-house wearable using four-year old chips? Not exactly a good look. Especially for a device that’s been so hyped up and that people have been waiting on for so long. But this latest news suggesting Google’s use of a co-processor means that the watch probably won’t have the performance issues some people might have been worried about.

With the co-processor, the watch should be able to unload low-power tasks onto it. That way they’re not being ran by the more power-hungry Exynos 9110 chip.


It’s not just a co-processor, the Pixel Watch will have more RAM than any other watch

In addition to a co-processor for helping with tasks, the watch is also said to have more RAM than any other smartwatch out there currently. Which should also help with performance. Google has been touting the new Wear OS to be more battery efficient and perform better than existing watches.

And the use of an Exynos 9110 didn’t exactly help to paint that picture. That being said, Google didn’t really share any specs of the device during its announcement at Google I/O. So this is the first we’ve heard of what users can expect. While the report from 9To5Google doesn’t mention exactly how much RAM the Pixel Watch will have, more is certainly better.

Additionally, the watch is said to have 32GB of storage. Which is a whole lot more than you’ll find on any other Wear OS watch to date. These few spec details alone should help ease users into the idea that the Pixel Watch will be a worthy device.


Though it still remains to be seen how much it will actually cost. Google has said it would be a premium-priced product. But it will surely want to keep the watch pricing competitive.