The Pixel Watch And Apple Watch Share The Same Manufacturer

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Google (FINALLY!) officially unveiled its rumored smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. More details about this device are coming out as the days roll on and, thanks to 9To5Google, we know an interesting fact about who’s building the watch. The Pixel Watch will share the same manufacture with the Apple Watch.

The Pixel Watch will have the same manufacturer as the Apple Watch

Several leaks are coming out for the Pixel Watch, and they let us know more about this device. When it comes to charging, a report states that the Pixel Watch will actually come with a USB-C charger. This means that the other end of the magnetic puck will be a USB-C plug. This means that, if you plan on getting this watch, you’ll need to make some preparations.

What’s probably the most interesting news is that the Pixel Watch will share the same manufacturer as the Apple Watch. The company is called Compal Electronics, and it’s a Taiwanese company.


While the companies share the same manufacturer, don’t expect any similarities in terms of design. However, you can expect a similar level of quality when it comes to the manufacturing process and materials.

What is the Pixel Watch?

We’ve been chasing whispers of this device since around 2016, and each year, Google just didn’t deliver the goods. Now, Google showed off the watch in all its glory, so it can’t take it back without any sort of backlash.

While a ton of smartwatches use Google’s WearOS software, Google has never made its own in-house smartwatch. This is something that we’ve waited for since the launch of the first Pixel phone. This smartwatch will have software straight from Google, so we should see Google’s most distilled vision for what WearOS 3 should be.


What are the rumored specs?

The Pixel Watch is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro this fall (probably October). It’s rumored to use the year-old Exynos 9211 SoC. However, new reports point to there being a co-processor on board to help with the processing.

Rumors also point to a whopping 32GB of storage on the watch. Along with that, we could also see 2GB of RAM. These are specs for a 2014 flagship phone, but they should fit a smartwatch just fine.