Clever New Pixel Ad Shows Off The Magic Eraser

Pixel 6 magic eraser ad

Anyone who’s used a recent Pixel phone should know about the Magic Eraser tool. It’s a Pixel phone exclusive tool that lets you get rid of distractions in a photo. Google just posted a new and clever ad to showcase Magic Eraser and keep it at the center of conversations.

Magic Eraser was one of the headlining features of the Pixel 6 when it was announced. Basically, when you take a picture and go to the native photo editor, you’ll have the option to erase background distractions. This could be anything like planes in the sky, the random passerby, or a stain on a surface. It works well, but it all depends on the surroundings and how large the object you’re trying to erase is.

Now, Google posted a new and clever ad showing off Magic Eraser

Yes, Magic Eraser was introduced back in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that Google isn’t continuing to show it off. The company just posted a short and rather trippy ad for the feature. While short, it might shed some light on where those objects go after they’re deleted.


Basically, right after a person deletes a jogger from the background, we see that jogger plunged into some other dimension. There, we see all sorts of other items being tossed in from other people. We see traffic cones, birds, clouds, cars, and other items.

This ad was meant more to be a showcase of special effects and music rather than an explanation of what the feature actually does. Either that or the Magic Eraser really does send objects and people into purgatory. Regardless, this ad shows that Google still wants to push the Magic Eraser so that it can bring more people onto the Pixel side.

This isn’t unheard of. Companies will often advertise older features and products just to keep them in the public eye. There are tons of people who still don’t know about Google’s Pixel series of phones. Showing constant ads about different exclusive features is a good way to show what they can do and, hopefully, convince more people to buy them.