OPPO Announces OPPOHack 2022 To Bring Phones & Computers Closer

OppoHack 2022 presser from video on Oppohack com

OPPO is looking to bring user-centric ubiquitous service experiences for users working between computers and phones and has effectively made two new announcements in support of that goal. The first of which is the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator. The company has yet to provide deeper details about this aspect of the project. But that’s set up to “discover and support proposals and startups to make a real-world positive impact.”

The second of the new announcements is a hackathon event dubbed OPPOHack 2022. The hackathon is aimed at finding future-forward solutions for “Enhanced Visualization, Efficient Computation, and Unhindered Cross-device Connection.”

What is OPPOHACK 2022 and how will it bring phones and computers closer?

Not every detail is available in terms of types of projects OPPO is hoping to see at the hackathon either. But the company is looking explicitly at areas related to ColorOS 12. And at areas related to upgrades on design, connectivity, privacy and more. With the company collaborating with no fewer than 12 universities, 20 incubators, and more than 500 individuals around the globe in its endeavor.


Among the areas OPPO is most interested in for OPPOHack 2022 is interconnectivity between phones and computers. OPPO hopes to push developers to discover new ways to make connections on that front seamless. Or, as the company puts it, to create an experience that’s like “one brain” across multiple screens.

Participants in the hackathon will, then, get to take a deeper look at ColorOS 12 and the associated developer tools. Participants will work across two rounds, a prelim and finals. They can work either offline in 2 co-host cities in the US or online.

There’s also a chance for big gains for participants. Namely, participants have a chance at winning a cash prize of $40,000. The Chinese smartphone OEM will also potentially invest in some winning projects. Allowing the opportunity for those projects to make the push beyond ideation and into real-world use.


The hackathon will take place starting in late September and running through October. With a tech garage taking place between July and August. Participants can, however, sign up now to register for the event.