OnePlus Wants You To Help Make OxygenOS Great Again

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OnePlus wants your help with OxygenOS, the company wants to make it great again. Not to say that OxygenOS is bad now, but it’s not what it used to be. It’s very similar to ColorOS in its current (OxygenOS 12) form.

OnePlus wanted a unified OS with OPPO, but that’s not happening

OPPO basically wanted for OPPO and OnePlus to have one unified OS, that will look somewhat different. Both OS’ are now working off the same codebase, and do look somewhat similar, but users are not exactly pleased with that.

Back in February, it was reported that we can expect a unified OS in the second half of this year. Following user backlash, OnePlus opted not to proceed. It decided to keep OxygenOS separate from ColorOS later that month.


OxygenOS 13 is expected to be more in line with stock Android than OxygenOS 12. That will make quite a few users happy, as Android 12 is great, and Android 13 will essentially be a refinement of the formula.

OnePlus wants you to help it improve OxygenOS, fill out a survey in order to participate

That being said, OnePlus launched a survey via the OnePlus Forums. You can read more about that here, and join the survey that is linked in the post itself.

In the forum post, OnePlus says that it “wants to better understand what you think about OxygenOS as it stands now“. The company also said: “Your experience and insights can help us to make further improvement in a better way”.


So, what’s the survey all about? Well, once you open it, you’ll be asked what phone are you using. You’ll also find more specific questions about your software preferences.

For example, OnePlus will ask you to name the best feature in the current OxygenOS version, as well as the worst feature in it. You’ll be asked to name some features you’ve used in other OS’, that you’d like to see in OxygenOS.

On top of everything, you’ll also be able to rank various factors in order of importance to you. So, you’ll be able to rank privacy, design, intuitive operation, personalization, system fluency, etc.


It won’t take you long to fill out this survey, so if you’d like to help improve OxygenOS, click here to open the survey directly.