Nothing Phone (1) Design Will Build On The OEM's Transparent Earbuds

Nothing Phone 1 from AndroidAuthority and Wallpaper Nothing official presser

Nothing co-founder and CEO Carl Pei and lead designer Tom Howard have now reportedly confirmed that the company’s upcoming Nothing Phone (1) will be pulling its design cues from its own earbuds, arriving in a transparent build. Namely, the phone itself will be transparent. The company also shared a design sketched concept or two in tandem with the news. Which itself was delivered via a recent interview with global design magazine Wallpaper.

In fact, the decision to go with a transparent design, the CEO confirmed, isn’t just indirectly tied to Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds. It follows from that wearable’s design.

According to Mr. Pei, the tech industry — outside of Apple — lacks a coherent vision. And, the exec continues, lining up a table full of products from another manufacturer wouldn’t help matters. The design language simply isn’t very “distinct” or “iconic.”


Nothing is hoping to step away from that trend and create all of its products around a consistent design language. So it was only natural for Nothing Phone (1) to feature the same design as Nothing Ear (1).

What else was said about Nothing Phone (1) in this interview?

Tom Howard mirrored that sentiment but pointed out that, for a transparent phone like the Nothing Phone (1), that brings challenges. Not least of all, a challenge to re-organize the interior of the phone for aesthetics as much as for functionality.

According to Mr. Howard, there are over four hundred components in smartphones, layered atop each other. The company wanted to “celebrate the good ones” and those that are interesting to look at.


The designer also pointed directly to wireless charging coils as an example of components that look interesting. That’s not necessarily a confirmation. But the aesthetic appeal and the direct mention do seem to bolster the idea that Nothing Phone (1) will feature wireless charging.

Now, without a render or photo, it’s difficult to piece together exactly what the Nothing Phone (1) might look like. The company has also been fairly mum about the intricate details. Aside from reports that Carl Pei showed off the phone during MWC 2022, there haven’t been many details about how closely the design will match the earbuds either. And, of course, there’s no new news about specs.

However, Nothing is expected to launch the phone itself sometime this summer, with the potential to be one of the biggest Android releases this year. Following the reveal and release of its custom-built Android launcher.