New Galaxy Note 20 Update Protects You Against Malicious Apps

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Samsung is rolling out a new software update to the Galaxy Note 20 series. Currently available to users in South Korea, the update protects you against malicious apps by giving you more control over the installation of apps from unknown sources, i.e. sideloading of APKs. The rollout should soon expand to other regions and also cover more Galaxy smartphones.

According to the changelog, the new software package adds a “Disallow All” option to the settings page from where you can control APK sideloading. If enabled, your device will not allow the installation of any APK package. It will also alert you of any untrusted apps that are already installed, such as apps with a known history of spam, scam, or phishing activities. You can individually control those apps from this page.

The existing option to manually allow the installation of apps from unknown sources will still exist. So if you trust the source, you can always choose to install the APK. But the new feature makes sure that you don’t fall prey to scams by unknowingly installing malicious apps.


Rolling out with firmware version N98*NKSU1FVE9, the latest update for the Galaxy Note 20 series weighs over 1.2GB (via Tizen Help). So there could be more bug fixes and optimizations in tow here. Don’t be hopeful of any other notable new feature, though.

Other Galaxy phones will also receive this protection against malicious apps

Samsung announced this update last week. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 phones were reportedly supposed to pick up the update first. But it has started rolling out to the Galaxy Note 20 series ahead of both. It won’t be long before the newer Samsung flagships join the party, though. The update should also reach the likes of Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy S20 series in the coming days. We will let you know when the rollout for these phones begins.

Meanwhile, if you’re using a Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, be on the lookout for this update. You will get a notification once the OTA (over the air) package hits your unit. You can also manually check for updates from the Software update menu in the Settings app. Though the update in South Korea still keeps the May 2022 security patch, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung bundles the June SMR (Security Maintenance Release) in other regions. The latest security patch is already live for the Galaxy Tab S7 series.


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