More PS5 Console Covers Are Arriving Next Month

PS5 Console Covers

New PS5 console covers are coming next month, as Sony just announced today that it will be releasing the three remaining colors in June. Back in December of last year Sony officially announced the console accessory as a means to give your PS5 some extra style. At the time though, only the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red were available.

And although it took Sony more than a year to launch them, PS5 owners were more than happy to finally have an official way to replace the white faceplates. Prior to the official Sony model, your only options were knockoffs from third-party retailers, plates that Dbrand changed just enough so Sony couldn’t issue them another cease and desist, and skins.

But none of those options really looked as nice as what Sony is now offering. Now that the latest colors are on the way, people can match their console up to their DualSense controllers. Sony has offered all five colors of the DualSense since last year.


PS5 console covers arrive in three new colors on June 17

Starting in the middle of next month, June 17 to be exact, Sony will start selling the three remaining colors of the console covers. This includes the Starlight Blue, the Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink. All three colors will retail for $54.99 just like the other two. The price will also be the same regardless of whether you have the Disc or Digital edition of the console.

All that said, you can pre-order the console covers now if you want to get the purchase out of the way. Or simply secure the color you’re wanting. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with stock as the black and red models weren’t exactly flying off the shelves like the console itself.

Then again it never hurts to be prepared. Sony hasn’t confirmed whether or not it will release more colors on top of these five down the road. But considering how many colors of the PS4 DualShock controller it launched, there’s a good chance additional colors are on the horizon. Especially since these seem to be popular with consumers.