Google Wallet Will Be A One-Stop Shop For Payments, IDs & More

New Google Wallet App

Surprise, Google Wallet is coming back in the form of a new app. It’s not replacing Google Pay, but instead will work alongside it to be the vessel for all your payments cards and other important stuff that you’d keep in a wallet or on your person.

It encompasses seemingly everything that you get from the current Google Pay app. But with new features. Google’s aim here is to enable users to leave their real wallets at home as much as possible. A lot of that hinges of course on quite a few factors. Most notably having compatibility of the features so they fit into your life. Which won’t be possible for everyone right away.

The new Google Wallet app will hold payment cards, IDs, and more

Google has big plans for Google Wallet. Positioned as a home for all your digital credentials, you’ll be able to store things like credit and debit cards. Just like you can do now. But where Google takes things further here is with the ability to store things like student IDs, driver’s licenses and other similar forms of identification. As well as boarding passes for flights and fare for public transportation.


Google says it’s already working state governments to support this kind of feature. And that’s where the bottleneck comes in. Right now, there’s no official support for digital driver’s licenses. And even when the app does launch, support for this kind of thing will probably be limited to a small number of locations to begin with.

Still, the ambitious rebirth of Google Wallet will no doubt make a lot of people’s live easier. Once they’re able to use to its full potential. Google says the ability to store your digital IDs on your phone is “coming later this year.”

Beyond holding payments cards and identification, the app will also serve to hold digital versions of keys for unlocking your vehicle, tickets, loyalty cards, and more.


Additionally, Google says the new app will feature the same kind of security as your Android phone. Encrypting all your purchases as well as letting your control your data. You’ll even be able keep track of things like transit fare balances and more once support for those systems is available.