New Google Emoji Font Brings Those Adorable Blobs Back

Google Logo With Badge

There are major pillars of the smartphone’s software that are make-or-break for the entire experience… and then there are emojis. While the little pictures you pop into the chat aren’t all that important, a nice set of emojis actually adds a bit to the experience. The new Google emoji font actually brings those lovable little blobs back, and people like it.

Google changed its emoji font a while, and that got rid of the amorphous blobs that people would place in chat. They were replaced with typical circular faces. This was a change that not everyone liked, and people took to social media to vent their rage.

However, the blobs are back with this new Google emoji font

Google just announced the latest change to its emoji font with a blog post on the Google Developers blog (via Android Central). Along with a long history of emojis themselves, the company introduced its new emoji font. The font is called “Noto Emoji”, and it’s meant to resemble the early emojis from the late 1990s. Back in those days, emojis were very simple and monochromatic. They might seem rudimentary by today’s standards, but imagine using a smartphone (Sorry, a cellphone) back in 1999. Monochromatic emojis were perfect for the technology of the time.


Google Noto Emoji 2

Now, Google is looking to bank on people’s nostalgia and bring back the monochromatic emojis. The company introduced this new font and it’s available to download or embed into your website today. It’s free, of course.

A good thing about this new font is that you’ll be able to use the blobs that people have missed for the longest. While they won’t be the full-color versions we’ve known and loved, there could people who really dig this style. They have a nice minimalist look and feel to them.


Google Noto Emoji 1

Other standard emojis are also a part of this font, and they all have a cute and minimalist charm to them. While there are emojis defined by their native colors, there’s a worthy compromise. For example, it’s a bit hard to tell what country’s flag you’re placing if it’s black and white. For flags, instead of a design, you’ll just see the country’s abbreviation as text instead.