Mozilla Thunderbird Mobile App Is On The Way

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird product manager confirmed that a mobile app is in the works. Android Police reports that it’s a priority for the company.

These days, and with the expansion of Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers, a few people tend to use email clients. Mozilla Thunderbird is one of those popular clients released in 2003, but it couldn’t catch up with the competition. Now, the product manager confirmed they’re working on a dedicated mobile app for Thunderbird.

Ryan Lee Sipes, product manager for Mozilla Thunderbird, announced the news on his Twitter account. However, he says releasing a mobile app is a number two priority. Fixing Thunderbird’s UI/UX is the top priority. In terms of design, Mozilla Thunderbird is not as fancy as its rivals, but it still offers a steady and enjoyable experience.


A mobile app for Mozilla Thunderbird is in the works

Of course, the Thunderbird product manager emphasizes that being the second priority does not mean that fewer resources and attention are devoted to the mobile app.

Moreover, Mozilla also has two ways ahead for releasing the Thunderbird mobile app. First, they can release it via Google Play. Second, make it free and open-source to distribute through the F-Droid app store.

The Mozilla Thunderbird market share is now only 0.08%. The company needs to prioritize some fundamental corrections to prevent service extinction.


The company has not yet announced an exact or estimated time for releasing the Thunderbird mobile app. However, it’s unlikely that the app will come in the short term as the development team has prioritized fixing UI/UX. A dedicated mobile app for one of the oldest email clients ever could be good news for those looking for a reliable FOSS email client.

Mozilla’s main focus is on developing its browser and turning it into a tough rival to Google Chrome. The company has recently released Firefox 100 with a bunch of new features, including picture-in-picture with support for captions and subtitles.