Motorola Will Launch A Rollable Smartphone, But Not In 2022

Motorola M logo DG AH 2020

It seems like Motorola is planning to launch its first rollable smartphone. This information comes from Evan Blass and 91mobiles. Considering Evan Blass’ track record, chances are this is accurate.

He said that the company is developing its first rollable, though, so don’t expect it to launch that soon. This information follows the real-life images of the next-gen Motorola Razr that surfaced recently, from the same source.

Motorola is planning to deliver a rollable smartphone codenamed ‘Felix’

Now, this rollable smartphone is codenamed ‘Felix’. It was also mentioned that the Motorola Razr for next year is also in the early stages of development, and that it’s codenamed ‘Juno’.


As many of you know, we still don’t have a commercially-available rollable smartphone out there. OPPO did show off the world’s first rollable smartphone at the end of 2020. It was called the OPPO X 2021, and it was a functioning device, but it was never available for purchase. OPPO said the tech is not ready for primetime yet.

LG Mobile was supposed to launch the world’s first commercially-available rollable before the company went under. LG decided to cut its losses with LG Mobile, and shut down the company.

That leaves us with Motorola ‘Felix’, though Motorola is not the only company working on a foldable. Samsung and OPPO are also working on one, along with a number of other companies. We still don’t know who will be the first to launch it.


This smartphone will expand vertically, not horizontally

The source claims that Motorola ‘Felix’ will differ from the other two devices, considerably. This smartphone will expand vertically, not horizontally. That’s quite odd, but there you go. The other two devices were expanding horizontally, taking the shape of a tablet.

The source claims that the phone’s display will expand by a third of its size, so by 30-percent. So, chances are that the device will be quite compact when not expanded, and it will expand into a large smartphone, essentially.

It is said that the Motorola ‘Felix’ is still in the early stages of development, though. So, don’t expect it to launch anytime soon. It is said that we’re still at least a year away from the launch of this phone.