More Countries Can Now Get Android Apps On Windows 11

Windows 11 Everything You Need To Know

It’s been almost a year since we found out that Android apps were coming to Windows 11. It’s been a slow and tedious process, but there’s progress over the months. While the Windows subsystem for Android has been exclusive to the States, it’s now making its way to more countries.

Didn’t know that Android apps were coming to Windows?

Last year, when Microsoft announced Windows 11, we all got the news that Windows 11 would allow seamless integration with Android apps. That was one of the biggest announcements during the event, and it left us all excited.

One thing to deaden the excitement was the fact that Windows isn’t getting Google Play Services. This means that apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, and other core Google apps aren’t coming to Windows. Instead, the apps are coming from the Amazon store. There’s a robust collection of apps on the Amazon store, but there are some compromises.


Since the announcement, people using the beta version of Windows 11 have been able to test out several of the apps on their computers and report any issues with them. If you want to test out these apps, you can read our how-to guide here. The feature is still on preview for the time being, as more apps are on the way.

Now, the Windows subsystem for Android is coming to more countries

The ability to use Android apps on Windows 11 is still in the developmental stage, so it’s still available for a limited number of people. While that’s true, according to Microsoft (via XDA Developers), the Windows subsystem for Android is making its way to five more countries. These countries are Japan, the UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

While the subsystem is available in these countries, the users won’t be able to use the apps just yet. This is because, in order to use them, the user needs to have a US-based Amazon account. That seems a bit counter-productive, but the functionality should come soon.