Meta Will Launch Four New VR Headsets By 2024: Report

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A new report claims that Meta is preparing to launch four new virtual reality (VR) headsets by 2024. The lineup would consist of two high-end “pro” headsets that would reportedly act as a “laptop for the face” and two lower-priced Quest headsets.

The report by The Information (via Android Central) adds that Meta could push the release timeline further. However, it’s clear that Meta intends to crowd the market with VR devices before the arrival of other options.

From what we’ve learned from Meta already, the company is readying the release of a high-end headset codenamed Project Cambria this year. The headset could be called the Meta Quest Pro by the time it reaches the market. Leaked roadmaps suggest this Pro headset could launch by September 2022. Meanwhile, the Quest 3 (Stinson) could arrive in 2023.

Sources claim the Meta Quest Pro, a.k.a Project Cambria, could cost $799

Another Quest headset codenamed Cardiff is reportedly slated for release in 2024. A Meta spokesperson later told The Information that a change in shipping dates is a common occurrence “during the course of development.”


As per the report, the fourth headset (Funston) could launch by 2024. This could be a successor to Project Cambria, catering to the high-end segment. Unfortunately, the hardware specifications of the three devices remain a mystery. But we already know a fair bit about the Cambria headset, courtesy of numerous leaks.

The Information cited two sources claiming that the Meta Quest Pro (Cambria) would cost $799 at launch. However, Meta contradicted this by saying the cost would be “significantly higher,” indicating that it could cost around $1,000. As for its hardware, the Cambria could pack a 2160 x 2160 screen resolution (per eye), mixed reality experiences via full-color passthrough, and eye-tracking, among other top-shelf features.

Separately, a recent leak suggested that the Quest 3 (Stinson) could be unveiled at Connect 2023 in October. The leak also claimed that this headset would feature uOLED lenses, which could be game-changing for VR headsets.

Other rumors claim Meta will unveil two new augmented reality (AR) glasses by 2024, a first for the company. Launching low-end and high-end VR headsets simultaneously appears to be a good marketing strategy. But since the VR hardware market hasn’t really taken off, it all seems like a gamble right now.