Look And Talk Will Eliminate The Need To Say "Hey Google"

Look and talk screenshot

We’re all familiar with the hot words “Hey Google” or “Okay Google”. We use them to summon the Google Assistant across different devices. While it’s a quick and easy way to summon the Assistant, Google wants to make it even easier for Nest Hub owners. The company introduced the new Look and Talk feature for Nest Hub devices.

Google is looking to make the process of communicating with the Assistant more intuitive. This means that it wants users to communicate more naturally so that it feels like a conversation rather than a command. This is the reason why it developed Quick Phrases.

But, Look and Talk will take that concept to the next level

Today at Google I/O, the company announced something interesting for those who use a Google Nest Hub device. Look and Talk is a feature where you, well, look and talk to the Assistant. Instead of using the “Hey Google” hot word, all you have to do is look at your Nest Hub and say the command that you want the Assistant to carry out.


The Hub will use facial recognition to recognize when you’re looking at it and voice recognition to know that it’s you who’s talking. If you want the Assistant to do something, simply look at the Hub, (you might want to focus on the camera for better accuracy ) and speak your command. After that, the Assistant will carry out your command.

What’s neat is that the video data recorded will remain on the actual device. This means that it won’t be uploaded to Google’s servers. We don’t know if there will be any audible or visual cue to let you know that you should speak.  We should find out in the coming months when it launches.

There’s more stuff to come from Google I/O, so you should stay tuned. Google will add auto-translated captions to the YouTube app. Also, the company is adding 16 more languages.