LG's New CineBeam Projector Will Up Your Movie Watching Experience

lg cinebeam projector ust

LG has a foot in the home theater market with its TVs and its soundbars. The company also makes projectors for that movie theater feel. Now, LG just announced a new CineBeam Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector that promises to show a crisp 4K picture at only 5.6cm from the wall.

LG already announced a premium UST projector earlier this year. That particularly pricey projector was the CineBeam HU715Q. It could produce a 100-inch 4K image on the wall while sitting just under 9 inches from the wall. This projector was premium in every way (well, it DOES cost $3,000).

Now, the new LG CineBeam HU915QE projector makes some improvements

LG decided to take the formula it introduced earlier this year and make some improvements. This projector has the model number HU915QE, and it’s also able to produce an image on the wall while requiring minimal space.


This projector can show a 90-inch 4K image on the wall while sitting just 5.6cm (just over 2 inches) from that wall. If you want a bigger image, you can produce a large 120-inch (10 feet) image on the wall by pulling the projector back to 18.3 (Just over 7 inches).

This means that it can produce an image that’s 20% larger than its predecessor’s while sitting about 20% closer to the wall. Just know that enlarging the screen will lead to a drop in image quality.

You can expect great picture quality from this projector

It doesn’t matter how big the screen can get if the picture quality is poor. However, the LG HU915QE projector has the goods to make a great view experience. For starters, this projector has a peak brightness of 3,700 nits. It produces a 4K HDR picture with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.


When it comes to smarts, this projector uses HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping for each frame of the content. It also uses the ambient light in the room to optimize the brightness so that you’re getting the best brightness for the conditions.

As far as audio is concerned, you can expect some loud and punchy sound. The HU915QE has a 2.2 channel, 40Watt speaker system.

When it comes to connections, the projector has 3 HDMI ports, it’s compatible with Bluetooth, and it uses Screen Mirroring and Apple AirPlay 2.


If you’re interested in picking up one of these, you’ll need to wait. LG states that it will launch before Q3 2022 in key markets. There’s no word on the price, but if you want one, you’ll definitely need to start saving up now!