Latest OnePlus Leak Suggests It's Working On A New Phone

OnePlus Phone Leak

A new leaked OnePlus phone has surfaced showcasing a triple camera array and a premium design. Ever since OnePlus and OPPO merged together, OnePlus’s smartphone strategy has been somewhat of a mess. The company now does not follow the good-ol’ one premium smartphone a year strategy.

It comes up with multiple phones, all rebranded versions of either an OPPO, Vivo or a Realme phone. For those who don’t know, the parent company of all these smartphone brands is, known as BBK Electronics.

While we are reaching the mid-way of this year, OnePlus has already launched quite a handful of devices. These devices have been released all over the world, with prices varying like a sine wave.


Fast forward to now, another OnePlus seems to be under work. According to the latest leak by trusted leaker Evan Blass, the leaked renders show a new OnePlus phone. The tweet does not contain any information about what it is and what the name of the phone is.

The render shows the phone from the back in two colors, i.e., black and blue, and one render shows the phone from the front with the iconic, Never Settle OnePlus wallpaper.

Leaked phone could be the OnePlus 10

Due to a lack of information and just a few renders, it is pretty hard to deduce what OnePlus is currently working on. There is no word if the leaked phone is the OnePlus 10 or if it is another OnePlus Nord device.


However, just by looking at the renders, the needle moves more towards the idea that it’s the vanilla OnePlus 10 smartphone. Unlike in previous years, OnePlus did not release a vanilla model of its flagship series and only launched the OnePlus 10 Pro.

So, it could be the “missing” OnePlus 10 phone. Moreover, the back camera module also resembles the OnePlus 10 Pro camera module. Though, it looks a bit weird.

The render does not feature the over-the-top gimmicky “Hasselblad” logo, which OnePlus has been boasting about since its last year’s flagship, which deviates our minds that it could be the OnePlus Nord device.


We aren’t sure which phone it is, but the overall design does suggest a mid-range-ish look. The phone also resembles the design of the Samsung Galaxy A53, which makes us believe that it could be a Nord-level phone.

While we keep our eyes glued for more information about this device, let us know your thoughts on this leaked render of another OnePlus phone.