Jack Dorsey Laments His 'Biggest Failing' As Twitter Chief

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Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey shared some insights on the platform’s turbulent past few weeks. While Dorsey spoke about how the company should handle some of its troubles, including permanent bans, he didn’t directly address the online scuffle between Elon Musk and Twitter’s content moderation team. Musk has previously indicated that he would consider slashing some of its moderation policies and potentially some staff.

“I have tried taking a break from Twitter recently, but I must say: the company has always tried to do its best given the information it had. Every decision we made was ultimately my responsibility*. In the cases we were wrong or went too far, we admitted it and worked to correct,” Dorsey said in the first of five tweets.

As Engadget points out, Dorsey came short of directly addressing some of the issues currently in discussion, including the online harassment of Twitter’s legal head Vijaya Gadde. Dorsey went on to admit what he considers to be his “biggest failing.”



“Doing this work means you’re in the arena. Nothing that is said now matters. What matters is how the service works and acts, and how quickly it learns and improves. My biggest failing was that quickness part. I’m confident that part at least is being addressed, and will be fixed,” Dorsey said.

The Twitter co-founder spoke against the permanent bans of Twitter users

Lastly, Dorsey suggested he was against the permanent bans of specific individuals. “I don’t believe any permanent ban (with the exception of illegal activity) is right, or should be possible. This is why we need a protocol that’s resilient to the layers above.”

There’s understandably a lot of confusion amongst Twitter employees about what happens next. While Musk’s takeover of Twitter was largely expected to reinstate some banned accounts, we’re not there just yet.


The Wall Street Journal claims that entrepreneur and former Facebook board member Peter Thiel and Jack Dorsey advised Musk to take Twitter private. “Elon is the singular solution I trust,” Dorsey said following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Reuters reported on Friday that Musk is considering the appointment of a new CEO to replace the current Twitter chief executive, Parag Agrawal.

Turning Twitter into a haven of free speech has been among Musk’s primary goals. But the entrepreneur has also discussed boosting its subscription service, Twitter Blue, to increase revenues. Reports say Musk has also pitched the idea of charging websites/organizations for embedding tweets.