Instagram May Actually Hide Your Stories If You Post A Lot

Instagram AH NS 09

You take a trip to Vegas, and so you document every second of it via Instagram stories- every… last… second. It’s not uncommon to see a person posting a torrent of stories in one go, and it looks like the company wants to cut back on it. Instagram might actually hide some of your stories if you’re posting a lot, according to XDA Developers.

We all have those friends who feel the need to post 40-50 stories a day, and 20 of them aren’t even worth the 12 seconds. However, that’s pretty much what they’re for. Stories are short clips and pictures that are meant to tell a story of something that happened in your life.

However, Instagram might hide some of your Stories, eventually

The photo-sharing platform didn’t formally announce this. Instead, this was discovered by a user in Brazil. The user tweeted a screenshot of their Story, and it only showed three of them. Usually, when you post a Story, you’ll see small progress bars up top that shrink as you add more.


In the screenshot, we see that there are several Stories posted, but there are only three true progress bars shown. The text in the tweet roughly says that if you want to see all of the Stories, you have to press the “Show All” button.

If you’re outside of Brazil, chances are that you’re not seeing this. It looks like Instagram is testing this out for a limited group of people to get feedback. For all we know, Instagram cold back-pedal on this decision.

If it does launch, it could actually be frustrating for creators. Who knows how many people will actually know to press the Show All button when viewing stories. Creators could see a sharp decline in viewers after the third Story.


We’ll have to wait and see if Instagram wants to go through with this. Oftentimes, companies like to quietly test features out in other countries before launching them fully, so it might not actually happen.