Tipster Reveals More Info About Rumored Samsung Exynos 2300 SoC

Samsung Exynos

A report earlier this week revealed that Samsung has begun work on its next-gen flagship Exynos processor for smartphones. The new chipset will bear the model number S5E9935 and may debut as Exynos 2300. Reliable tipster Roland Quandt has now given us its codename too. The Korean firm is reportedly internally referring to the upcoming Exynos processor as “Quadra”.

The latest report doesn’t reveal any other information about the Samsung S5E9935 chipset. But this is another piece of evidence that the company still plans to launch flagship phones with Exynos processors, at least for one more year.

Reports coming from Korea recently suggested that Samsung may no longer use Exynos SoCs on its Galaxy S-series flagships. The company is developing custom processors that would be ready in 2025. Until then, its flagship smartphones would feature Qualcomm and MediaTek solutions.


However, the company now developing a new flagship Exynos processor suggests the Galaxy S23 series next year may use its in-house solution, at least in some markets. Of course, there’s no confirmation that the S5E9935 will power the 2023 Samsung flagships. But the upcoming chipset appears to be a direct sequel of the Exynos 2200 (identified by model number S5E9925 and codename “Pamir”) that is found inside the Galaxy S22 phones in some regions.

While we will have to wait for confirmation on this, it’s quite certain that the Samsung S5E9935, will be a 3nm chipset. Samsung has already confirmed that it will begin the mass production of its 3nm GAA (gate all around) fabrication process later this year. The new process node will bring significant performance and power-efficiency improvements over the currently-used FinFET process.

Exynos 2300 could be one of the last Exynos-branded Samsung processors

As said earlier, Samsung has started preliminary works on making custom processors for its Galaxy smartphones. The company has formed a team of 1000 employees from its smartphone and semiconductor divisions to work on the project. Once it’s ready with the custom solution, it will reportedly do away with the Exynos brand from its mobile processors. The Exynos brand will only remain for its semiconductor chips for cars, cellular modems, and other electronics.


But we will continue to see Exynos processors in Samsung smartphones for at least a couple more years. Hopefully, the GAA fabrication process will help the company resolve the long-standing issues with thermal management and battery efficiency. We will let you know as and when we have more information about the S5E9935 chipset.