How To Find A Legit Mobile Betting App In Google Play?

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Mobile sports betting is now beyond using websites; bettors are beginning to tend towards apps. Apps are fast, lite, and act as a replica of the brand website. However, the problem is finding a legit sports betting app like that of bet365, which is great. Unfortunately, since it is quite easy to upload apps on Google Play Store, scammers tend to upload fake apps to dupe unsuspecting players of their hard-earned money.

The dangerous apps are quite difficult to spot because they replicate the original. It comes with a similar logo, name, and many other similarities. But, most importantly, the interface is also made to look like the original.

We recognize this trend to be harmful in this growing industry, and we want to contribute to stopping it. You will know how to find the legit betting apps on Google Play as you read on. Read on and enjoy.


Always Check the Developer

Every app on Google Play must show a developer’s name. It is usually under the app name, and one thing a scammer cannot do is falsify the developer’s name. The best they can do is to put the name of an imaginary company.

Legit sports betting apps always have a real developer name. And most times, it is usually the name of their brand or parent company. Either way, don’t be in a hurry to download; take a little time to search up the developer’s name and verify if it is truly legit.

There must also be a developer’s contact column which should contain:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Address
  • Private Policy

Number of Downloads and Ratings

For every app on Google Play, there is a rating and an estimation of the number of downloads. Although they don’t give specific figures, it is only to give you an idea of how much people are using the app. Therefore, a legit mobile betting app should not have a relatively low figure, except if it is newly released.

It should raise suspicions if you see only a hundred downloads for a real money betting app. Mobile betting is very popular, so such numbers are too low for a real money app.

Ratings are another piece of information that comes with an app on Google Play. This overall rating comes from an average of what the downloaders think of it, usually from zero to five. As a rule of thumb, the best ratings are 4.5 and above. If it is 4.0 upwards, then you can give it a thought. But anything below 4.0 is shady, and we advise that you stay away from such apps.


Customer Reviews

One of the best things Google Play did was to empower the customers. Every account owner has the right to drop honest feedback about an app so far they have downloaded. We advise against downloading any real money betting apps without reading the reviews.

Reviews on google play are in two categories; positive and critical. Positive contains the great feedback, while critical contains the lower-rated ones. We would always advise you to start from the critical. You will find rants, comments, and notes about poor experiences with such apps. And if it is not legit, you will surely figure it out.

When reading customer reviews, it is best to pay attention to detailed ones. Oftentimes, they contain full details and truth about what transpired.


Wrap Up

As a parting gift, we advise that you should never be in a hurry to download a mobile betting app from Google Play. Instead, take your time to confirm if it is truly legit. Then, when you find an app, visit the official website and confirm if they truly have a mobile app on Google Play. If you can’t find anything on such, then, in your best interest, avoid such an app.